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Employee Referral Program


This procedure covers notifying employees of open positions that have corresponding referral bonuses.

This procedure does not cover the evaluation of a referred candidate. Refer to Processing Personnel Requisitions.


The Company determines which positions are eligible for employee referral bonuses.

Referrals must be for a specific job opening.

Referral bonuses are paid for external applicant referrals only.

Human Resources acknowledges receipt and eligibility of referrals within 5 working days.

Referral bonuses are earned when a sponsored employee reports to work (as long as the sponsoring employee is still an active employee of the Company) and are payable within 30 days.

Employees are only eligible to receive referral bonuses if they submit an Employee Referral Program Sponsorship prior to

All employees are eligible to receive employee referral bonuses, except executives (Vice President and above), the human resources staff, and any individual included in the hiring process.


The Human Resources Specialist is responsible for



Human Resources Specialist*


The Human Resources Manager <e-mail> is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

Activity Preface

This activity is performed whenever the Human Resource Specialist receives a copy of a Personnel Requisition for a position that falls within the guidelines of the employee referral program.

This program is designed to maximize the company's ability to attract and hire the most talented employees by using the current workforce as a network for referrals and recommendations. 

Employees should refer potential candidates whenever they are aware of a key individual that fits the requirements of an approved opening.

This procedure continues from Processing Personnel Requisitions.

Human Resources Specialist

1.    Review the copy of the Personnel Requisition.

2.    Verify that the new position falls under the guidelines of the employee referral program.

In most cases the internal job posting will satisfy this requirement. Refer to Internal Job Postings.

In some cases, a specific job or category of jobs may be difficult to fill and special notification or promotion is appropriate.

If position qualifies for employee referral program, goto task #3. Otherwise, end of activity.

3.    Notify employees of current opening.


4.    Identify an external candidate who meets the minimum requirements for the position.

5.    Confirm interest on the part of the candidate.

The candidate may also complete an application, if appropriate.

6.    Complete an Employee Referral Program Sponsorship and attach the candidate's resume.

If an application has been completed, attach it to the form as well.

7.    Submit the completed form, with resume and/or application, to the Human Resources Department.

Human Resources Specialist

8.    Determine if the candidate meets minimum requirements for this position.

9.    Determine eligibility of sponsoring employee for referral bonus.

10.  Annotate the Employee Referral Program Sponsorship to officially note whether the candidate has been accepted/rejected.

11.  Notify the sponsoring employee of the status of the referral.

If candidate meets minimum requirements for this position, goto task #13.  Otherwise, goto task #12.

12.  Determine whether this candidate should be added to the resume database for future consideration.

End of activity.

Goto External Applicant Processing, as required.

13.  Update applicant database to link the sponsoring employee with the candidate.

The database must reflect that an employee is eligible to receive a referral bonus.

Oracle HRMS
N > People > Enter and Maintain
M > Query a Person
B > Others > Application

Refer to Recruitment

14.  Forward the paperwork to the Recruiter or Manager Personnel who is responsible for filling this position.

End of activity.

Goto Processing Personnel Requisitions.

Employee Referral Program: Flowchart Start Human Resources Specialist Task #1 Task #2 Decision Decision Human Resources Specialist Task #3 Employee Task #4 Task #5 Task #6 Task #7 Human Resources Specialist Task #8 Task #9 Task #10 Task #11

Employee Referral Program: Flowchart Decision Human Resources Specialist Task #12 End External Applicant Processing Human Resources Specialist Task #13 Application Human Resources Specialist Task #14 End Processing Personnel Requisitions

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